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Each local authority is required to publish a plan looking forward about 15 years. This will help to shape the development of the area.


At the end of October 2018, Worthing Borough Council published a draft plan for the Borough and a period of public consultation started. All comments on the plan (positive or negative) had to be lodged with the Council by 5pm December 12th 2018.


Members of GRA and residents in the community were urged to get involved by reading the plan and offering comments and feedback. 


Consultation - Summary of Comments/ Representations

In April 2019, Worthing Borough Council published details of comments received during the consultation process. 


The GRA Commnittee thanks all those who supported the designation of the 'Goring Gap' (both north and south of the railway line' as not for development. We must now wait until the final version is published.


Here are links to:
- a summary of the consultation presented to the WBC Planning Committee.
- a document that shows each individual submission to the consultation.


The Consultation - October - December 2018

The Draft Plan runs to 186 pages. It is available online or to read in Goring and other public libraries.


How will the plan affect Goring-by-Sea?

  • The Plan proposes that two areas of Goring should not be developed. These are Goring Gap South (south of the railway line and west of Aldsworth Avenue) and Goring Gap North (also known as Chatsmore Farm, the area north of the railway line west of Goring Way ). GRA supports this proposal and urges residents to respond to the consultation by adding their agreement to keeping this special areas undeveloped. It is likely that housing developers will oppose this proposal. Details are on pages 25-37 of the draft plan.
  • Three areas of Goring are identified for possible development:
      - land at the eastern end of Martlets Way, currently in use for storage of contractors equipment. This is earmarked for a mix of residential and commercial development
      - land in Barrington Road will be available for re-development after 2021 when HMRC vacate the property. Regeneration with a mix of residential and commercial development is proposed.
      - Worthing Leisure Centre in Shaftesbury Avenue. Provision of a new leisure centre, swimming pool, sports hall, fitness centre is proposed. 
    Details are on pages 66 - 72 of the draft plan.

What is Goring Residents' Associations View of the Proposals?


GRA welcomes the proposals to keep the two parts of Goring Gap as undeveloped land.

GRA is not taking a position on the areas marked for development until detailed plans (and planning applications) are available.


However, in its response to the consultation, GRA has asked the Council:

  • to ensure that there is a cohesive plan for the development of the three areas
  • to ensure that any plans to not contain high rise properties that overshadow existing residential areas
  • to ensure that plans incorporate junction improvements at the Barrington Road/ Shaftesbury Avenue junction and at the exit from Worthing Leisure Centre into Shaftesbury Avenue.
  • to ensure that plans incorporate adequate parking for residents, workers and those using the leisure facilities
  • to ensure that commercial developments will not impinge on local residents with noise or pollution
  • to ensure that plans include additional infrastructure improvements to provide school places, doctor's surgeries and public transport for increased numbers of residents.

Read the GRA Response in full below.


Goring Residents' Association Response to Draft Worthing Local Plan
This document was submitted to Worthing Borough Council at the end of November 2018.
GRA Response to Worthing Local Plan - No[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [93.4 KB]



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