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Residents make contact with members of the GRA Committee to ask for information, help and advice on many different subjects. On this page, we list the most frequently asked questions and responses to help others with similar issues.


Q.  The footpath outside my house is often fouled by dogs. The owners don’t clean up the mess. Who do I contact for help and advice?

A.  Worthing Borough Council has placed over 500 dog bins around the Borough, many of which are in Goring-by-Sea. The Council also employs Dog Wardens. There is more information on this page of Worthing Council’s website.


Q. Are the beach huts on Goring beach privately owned or can they be rented?

A. The Goring beach huts are privately owned. Recently one was sold for £17,000! Worthing Borough Council has a number available for rent. These are east of Goring, towards Worthing Town Centre. Details are to be found on this page of Worthing Council’s website.


Q. Somebody keeps leaving rubbish on the footpath near my house. How can I stop this?

A.  Leaving rubbish in a public place is known as ‘fly-tipping’. Worthing Council can provide advice as well as a removal service. This page of Worthing Council’s website provides advice and a form to report details.


Q. I want to change the look of my property, possibly by extending it or adding a room in the loft. Where can I get advice and learn about the rules etc?

A. You can find really helpful advice on Worthing Borough Council’s website. There is an interactive tool concerning whether you need planning permission. You can also find details Conservation areas in Goring-by-Sea  and Listed Buildings.


Q. A hedge growing in a garden is overhanging the footpath. Who do I contact?
Obstructions to the pavement or footpath should be reported to West Sussex County Council.  We encourage you to take a picture to support your case.


Q. I have seen someone cutting down a tree. I think the tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order. What can I do?

A. You will have to contact Worthing Borough Council.


Q. A camper van has been parked outside my house for a couple of days. I am worried that it may be left for a long period or even dumped. How can I get it moved?

A.  If the vehicle is taxed and insured, there is probably little that you can do apart from asking the owner to move it somewhere else. There are a couple of pages on Worthing Council website that may help:


Q. I live in a flat and would like to own/rent an allotment. Are there any in Goring-by-Sea?

A.  Worthing Allotment Management oversee the majority of allotment sites in Worthing. None are actually in Goring-by-Sea.


Q. There’s a pothole in the road outside my house. How can I get it filled in?

A. Problems with roads, verges and street lighting should be reported to West Sussex County Council.


Q. Someone has parked a car outside my house and left it with a ‘for sale’ notice in the window. Can I get it moved?

A. This is known as street trading. There are licence requirements for commercial activities (see Worthing Council website). The ‘Ask the Police website also gives useful information.


Q. Loud music is coming from a nearby house, quite often late at night. Who do I contact to try to get the noise stopped?

A.  Worthing Borough Council’s Public Health and Regulation Team are best equipped to provide advice and investigate such situations. There is useful information on the Council’s website including contact telephone numbers (24 hours).


Q. I have spotted people camping on Goring Greensward. Who do I report this illegal activity to?

A. Illegal camping should be reported to Worthing Borough Council's Beach Office. Telephone: 01903 238977 or email:

Office hours are: May 1st - September 30th - 9am - 6pm
                            October 1st - April 30th - 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm


Q. A camper van/caravan is parked overnight illegally on the South side of Marine Crescent/Marine Drive. Who should I report this to?

A. Report this situation to Worthing Borough Council's Parking Service. Email with details of the date and time, vehicle registration and parking location. If possible attach a photograph. 


Q. Travellers have set up camp on Goring Greensward (or Marine Crescent/drive) Who do I contact?

A. Contact Goring Councillor Steve Waight 01903 265481 or email


Ester Quarm, Gypsy & Traveller Team Manager, West Sussex County Council 0330 2223766 or email:


Q. I am planning to move to Goring-by-Sea in the next few days. Can you help me with key information to help me become familiar with local services?

A.   Our local authorities are Worthing Borough Council (council tax, planning, refuse/recycling etc) and West Sussex County Council (education, social services, highways etc). Doctors surgeries are listed on this NHS webpage. The Useful Links page on our website provides links to many other local organisations. The ‘About Goring section of our website contains lots of information about the area.




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